Sunday, February 23, 2014

1810 Conemaugh Twp, Cambria, PA Tax Records

Here are the 1810 Tax Records for Conemaugh Twp in Cambria County, PA.

1810 Conemaugh Twp, Cambria County, PA Tax Records

Anderson, George
Arthurs, John
Anderson, George Sr.
Benkley, Christian
Benkley, Jacob
Braniff, Michael
Benshoof, Paul
Brumbaugh, Jacob
Beatty, Mary
Brumbaugh, William
   Ditto for Brumbaugh, John
Bouman, John
Croyle, Adam
Cobat, Frederick
Carlton, Benjamin
   Ditto for Helsil
Edward, Ennis
Elliott, George
Fulford, William
Fox, Peter Sr.
Fyr, Conrod
Fryght, Jacob
Fox, Peter Jr.
Fox, John
Fox, George
Dimond, Patrick
Dunmire, Frederick
Gray, Jobe
Gaufbaum, William
Grosenicle (?), Daniel
Grosenicle (?), John Sr.
Grosenicle (?), John Sr.
Good, Christian
Gray, William
Gobel, Jacob
Good, Abraham
Ganger, John
Gassert, John
Galbreath, Samuel
Hay, Daniel
Helsel, Tobias
Horner, Jacob
Hildebran, Abraham
Hildebran, Samuel
Hess, Peter
Hoover, Catherine
Horner, John Jr.
   Ditto for Simmerman
Horner, Adam
Horner, Christian
Horner, John Sr.
Horner, Jonas
Holliday, John
Hildebran, Abraham
Hildebran, George
Kring, George
Kougenour (?), Jacob
Kirch, George
Kougennour, Peter
Kougenour, Christian
Kougenour, Daniel
Koughman, Conrad
Kughn, Frederick
Kurpts, Michael Sr.
Kurpts, Michael Jr.
Lint, Henry
Lint, John
Leer, Jacob Jr.
Liberger, John
Leer, Jacob Sr.
Linton, John
McGough, James
Marks, John
McGough, Miles
McDermitt, Mary
Mathew, Samuel
Morgan, Peter
Meneely, John
Martin, George
Morgan, Peter
Paul, Abraham
Philip, Jacob
Procter, William
Pollerf, David
Procter, Isaac
Peck, Mathias
Replogle, Philip
Reschert, Peter
Replogle, George
Roberts, Levy
Ream, Garrett
**(please note i'm leaving the S-Z's out for now, my image of this page did not turn out well)

Single Freemen
Gray, Elizer
Mathews, William
Shipley, Jacob
Warner, Jacob
Holliday, Alexander
Jeffrey, Mark
Procter, Jess
Grosenicle, John
Warner, Peter
Gray, William
Sawmills, Michael
Kurts, Michael
Kurts, John
Branniff, Thomas
Wisinger, Daniel
Leer, Stephen

Monday, February 3, 2014

1810 Allegheny Twp, Cambria, PA

Here's the 1810 Allegheny Twp, Cambria Co, PA tax assessment records.  I have bolded the name of one very important man in particular.  For anyone who doesn't know, that is Prince Demitrius Augustine Gallitzin, who, upon first arriving in the United States, went by the name "Smith".  Generally it has been thought he went by the name "Augustine Smith" however as one can see here, he changed it up a bit and at this point in time was likely going by "Gallitzin Smith", rather than the "Smith Gallitzin" as it is written here.

1810 Alleghey Twp, Cambria County, PA Tax Records

Anderson, Andrew
Adams, William
Burgoon, John
Byrns, John
Bender, Americus
Baxter, George
Bender, Jacob
Bradley, Charles
Burgoon, Peter
Barnicole, Timothy
Braddock, Nicholas
Barlow, John
Behee, Emanuel
Behee, John
Baum, John
Brant, Joseph
Carragan, Patrick
Castweller, Andrew
Cantwell, Thomas
Christy, Archibald
Conner, Henry
Curran, Bartholomew
Curran, John
Carrigan, Peter
Cooper, Philip
Cooper, Henry
Cherry, Nicholas
Christy, John
Driskle, Charles
Durbin, Thomas B.
Diggs, Dudley
Douglass, John
Donnaker, Joseph
Delozier, Daniel
Decker, John
Delozier, Daniel Jr.
Douglass, Brice
Dodson, William
Dougherty, Peter
  Ditto for landlord
Elder, Walter
Farril, Cornelius
Fagan, Peter
Finley, Archibald
Feltz, John
Forshe, Solomon
Farrel, John
Gallitzin, Smith
Glass, John
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, Hugh
Hagan, John
Haley, Patrick
James, Edward O.
Kelly, Samuel
Kimmons, Henry
Kane, James
Krice, George
Kughs, John
Little, Barnabas
Lasher, Henry
Luther, Conrod
Lilly, Joseph
Litzinger, Jacob
Long, William
McConnell, Arthur
Marks, John
Maguire, Ross
Meloy, Hugh
McGuire, James L.
McGuire, James C.
Mullen, Hugh
McCloskey, James
McCloskey, Patrick
McGuire, Richard
McGuire, Rachel
Magehan, James
McGuire, Luke Esq.
Magehan, Joseph
Murphy, Michael
McGuire, Cornelius
McMullin, Samuel
Myers, John
Meloy, William
McGuire, Peter
Musselman, David
Myers, John
McCoy, Hugh
Nagle, Jacob
Nagle, Richard
Neeson, James
Nugent, Arthur
Nugent, Thomas
Plunket, Patrick
Plaught, John
Storm, John
Short, John
Scanthan, John
Trexel, Jacob
Turner, Daniel
Wagner, Michael
Weakland, John
Weakland, William
Walter, Inglebert
White, Rachel
White, Patience
Will, Peter
Watt, David
Will, John

Single Freemen
Crook, Valentine
Patrick, Hagan
Forshee, Anthony
Farrel, James
Magehan, Joseph
Meloy, Edward
Nagle, Richard
Bradley, Edward
Nagle, John
McMullin, Laurence
Burgoon, Richard
Mulholland, John
Krice, George
Krice, Henry
Luther, Christian
Burgoon, John
Dodson, James
Plaught, Joseph
Krice, Stephen
Nugent, Arthur

Sunday, February 2, 2014

1810 Tax Assessment for Cambria Twp, Cambria, PA

In tracing my family back, I've found tax records to be very helpful in finding out information about the movements, age, and financial stability of my forebears. I'll be posting these from time to time. Hopefully someone else will also find them of use :) I will note that although I have done my best to transcribe the names properly, it's possible I've made mistakes.

Below is the 1810 tax assessment for Cambria Twp, Cambria County, PA
Adams, Ignatius
Adams, Joseph
Brawley, Dennis
Bush, James
Benson, Fleetwood
Burk, Patrick
Burk, Prudence
Burgoon, Robert
Brown, John
Bowon, Thomas Jr.
  Ditto for Morris Morris
  Ditto for Thomas Paul
  Ditto for Job Rees
Bees, William
Croyle, Thomas
Crum, Isaac
Connor, James
Crum, John
Crum Ephraim
Campbell, John
Crum, Zech
Crum, Evan
Crum, Ruben
Curran, James
Conroy, Patrick
Carney, William
Campbell, Patrick
Davis, Timothy
Davis, William
  Ditto for Evans Edward
  Ditto for Samuel James
Dunmire, Peter
Dimond, Philip
Dimond, Daniel Sr.
Dimond, Daniel Jr.
Davis, Daniel
Davis, David
Evans, John Jr.
  Ditto for Benjamin Jones
Elder, James
Foreaeer, William
Griffith, William
Giblons, Daniel
Glass, Jacob
Glass, George
George, Michael
Hurley, Jeremiah
Hemler, Christian
Hay, Michael
Hobough, Conrod
James, William
James, Thomas Jr.
  Ditto for David Jenkins
  Ditto for Thomas James Sr.
Jenkins, Rogers
Jones, Deborah
Inlose, John
Jones, John D.
Johnston, Thomas
James, Edward V.
Johnston, Jeremiah
Knepper, Godfrey
Kerns, John
Keller, Peter
Kennedy, Charles
Lloyd, John 
Lloyd, Rees
Lloyd, Stephen
Lloyd, John R.
Longstreth, Daniel
Longstreth, Margaret
Longstreth, Philip
Longstreth, Bartholomew
Logue, Hugh
Lilly, Joseph
Logan, Dennis
Litzinger, Simon
Logan, Michael 
Lewis, Richard M.
Miller, John
McCarty, Daniel
McCabe, Ross
McGough, James
Maxel, Martin  
Maxel, Martin Jr.
Meloy, James
Maxel, Andrew Jr.
Maxel, Andrew Sr.
McCloskey, William
McCarty, John
McKinzie, Ely
McKinzie, John
Mooney, Richard
Myers, Michael
Mooney, Abraham
Myers, Joseph
McCoy, John
McGough, Thomas
 Morgan, Rees
McCue, John
Maxel, John
Murray, John
Murphy, Michael
Maguire, Michael
Maguire, James C.
Noel, Nicholas
O'Harra, Rachael
Owen, Thomas
Noon, Philip
O'Keef, William
O'Conner, John
Philips, Thomas
Parrat, John
Plummer, William
Peach, Philip
Pryce, David
Phlanagan, Peter
Pringle, George
Pringle, Philip
Rager, Michael Sr.
Rager, Jacob 
Rodrick, Robert
Rager, Michael Jr.
Roberts, Hugh
Roberts, George
Roland, Ellis
Roland, Griffith
Rees, Rees
Robert, John D.
Roberts, William
Rosetter, Peter
Rorick, Henry
  Ditto for John Rorick
Rorick, Philip
Rees, Thomas
Rager, Martin
Ream, Adam
Rogers, George
Rees, Theophilius
Rohal, Christian
Shoup, Peter
Skelly, Michael
Skelly, John
Skelly, Philip
Shaeffer, Henry
Smay, Christian (sp??)
Settlemyer, Godfrey
Short, Peter
Shaw, William
Sample, Nathaniel
Sala, Jacob
Thomas, William
Thomas, David
Todd, David
Thomas, John
Tibbot, William
Williams, William Jr.
Williams, William Sr.
Williams, William R.
Williams, Thomas
  Ditto for John Pryce
Weakland, Zephenia
White, Samuel
Wisel, George
Wilmore, Godfrey
Weaver, Jacob
Williams, David
Yost, Jacob

Single Freemen
Maxel, William
Glass, Henry
Logan, Andrew
Skelly, Michael
Croyle, Charles
Maxel, Martin
Glass, William
Lloyd, Stephen
Maxel, John
McCarty, William
Shoup, Jonathan
Diamond, John
Burk, John
McGough, Thomas
Knepper, John
Hobuger, Jacob (sp??)
Noon, Philip
Curren, James
Youst, Jacob

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Robert N. Longwell

Here's another interesting record, this time in 1834. A Mr. Robert N. Longwell was indicted for bigamy. It says he was previously of Wheatfield twp, Indiana, PA. He married a Ruth Rench in Huntingdon Co, PA on 2 Feb 1831 and then married an Isabella McFeeters in 1834. A William McFeeters was one of the sworn.

William & Elizabeth Robeson of Armstrong, Indiana, PA

Going through the Indiana County, PA Quarter Sessions today, I was reminded why it pays never to be surprised by anything that happened in the past. I was scanning, attempting to see if I could find anything of interest regarding some related families (the McGinnities). I found a bond out for the arrest of an Elizabeth Robeson in 1810, "late of Armstrong twp, Indiana, PA" for "fornication and bastardy". As I read on, I found the accused other party was a "William Robeson". I was attempting to make sense of this (especially since another Robeson was signing off on the charges) and presumed perhaps they had gotten married or he was her brother in law, but the truth was slightly different. In William's arrest warrant, he's identified as "her uncle". The wording is mostly what gets me. "She allowed him to beget a male child upon her body". Perhaps she did, and perhaps not. I don't know at this point who either of these people were, nor what became of them or their child, but I do wonder...