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MyHeritage and 23andme

I haven't written anything about genetic genealogy testing (here anyway), so here's my first foray into that arena.  I have tested at each of the three companies (23andme,, FTDNA) and each definitely has their own unique set of pros and cons (saved for another time).  Right now I just wanted to weigh in quickly on the 23andme/MyHeritage partnership.

23andme recently partnered with MyHeritage to provide better family tree support.  In theory I find this to be a very good step forward for them.  Their pedigrees left more than a little to be desired.  In reality, I will be taking a wait and see approach.

I personally have not yet linked my own 23andme account(s) to my MyHeritage tree.  To be honest, I have not used it in a very long time (like 2009).  It had been so long in fact I had forgotten that I had purchased a 10 year long premium account there, again probably back in 2008/9.  If I recall correctly I did this so they wouldn't delete my tree and photos I had posted.  At the time I was highly intent on creating a site for my immediate family to connect (or essentially what Facebook is now).  Since I was either still in college or had just graduated college at the time and was in debt up to my eyeballs this was no small investment for me.

So, now roughly 6 years later, here I am potentially going back to MyHeritage.  Full circle I suppose.

Even without my account linked, I was already able to establish a connection with a 23andme member by searching his MyHeritage tree.  Would this connection have been found if he hadn't linked through them?  I'm honestly not sure.  He did accept sharing with me, and he did have a few surnames posted but none of those would have gotten me back to our connection (4th cousin with my father).

What it will still ultimately boil down to is exactly how much people are willing to share and explore connections.  If they aren't, this won't add a lot to the genealogy side of 23andme.  If however people do become more intrigued by their history because of the functionality at MyHeritage, this could provide a well-needed shot in the arm to the otherwise endless list of anonymous matches at 23andme.

If anyone else has any thoughts on the matter though I'd be interested to hear them.  Especially anyone who did not already have a tree at MyHeritage.

1811 Summerhill Twp, Cambria Co, PA Tax Records

Here are the 1811 Tax Records for Summerhill Twp in Cambria County, PA.

1811 Summerhill Twp, Cambria County, PA Tax Records
Adams, Ignatius
Branby, Dennis
Burk, James
Benson, Flintwood
Brown, John
Burk, Prudence
Croyle, Thomas
    Ditto    (G. Mill)
    Ditto    (S. Mill)
Crum, Isaac
Crum, John
Crum, Ephraim
Crum, Zachariah
Crum, Eron
Conway, Patrick
Dimond, Philip
Dimond, Daniel
Elder, James
Enlow, John
Glass, Jacob
Glass, Henry    (Distiller)
George, Michael
Hay, Michael
Kean, James
Knepper, Godfrey
Kern, John
Kennedy, Charles
Longstreth, Daniel
Longstreth, Philip
Longstreth, Bartholomew
Longstreth, Margaret
Logue, Hugh
Lilly, Joseph
    Ditto    (Store)
Logan, Dennis
Litzinger, Simon
    Ditto    (G. Mill)
    Ditto    (S. Mill)
Logan, Michael
M'Cabe, Ross
M'Gough, James
Maxel, Andrew
Maxel, Martin Sr.
M'Closkey, William
M'Kinsey, Eliz.
M'Kinsey, John
Murray(?), Richard
?, Michael
Maxel, Andrew Jr.
Meyers, Joseph
M'Coy, John

M'Gough, Thomas
M'Cue, John
Maxil, William
Maxil, John
Noel, Nicholas
O'Keef, William
    Ditto    (C. Surveyor)
Plummer, William
Petah, Philip
Pringle, George
Flanigan, Peter
Flouers, Jacob
Rouick, Philip
Ream, Adam
Regur, Martin    (Tavern)
Shoup, Peter
Skelly, Michael
Skelly, John
Skelly, Philip
Shaver, Henry
Smay, Christian
Suttlemire, Godfrey
Shirt, Peter
Shaw, William
Sanlaw, Jacob
Weekland, Zephenia
Wilmore, Godfrey
Wisel, George
    Ditto    (S. Mill)
Waver, Jacob
Williams, David
    Ditto    (Tavern)

Single Freemen
Henry Glass
Michael Logan
Andrew Logan
Michael Skelly
Charles Croyle
William Glass
John Mixel
Johnathan Shoup
John Burk
Thomas M'Gough
John Knepper
John Wisel
David Mixel
Ignatius Adams
James Crum
Michael Kennedy
John Dimond

1811 Conemaugh Twp, Cambria County, PA Tax Records

Here are the 1811 Tax Records for Conemaugh Twp in Cambria County, PA.

1811 Conemaugh Twp, Cambria County, PA Tax Records
Anderson, George
Anderson, Samuel
Armstrong, Joseph
Armintage, William
Benshoof, Paul
Brumbaugh, Jacob
    Ditto for John Brumbaugh
Binkley, Christian
Binkley, Jacob
Buckwalter, John
Betz, Mearguide
    Ditto    (Tavern)
    Ditto for Helsil
Braniff, Michael
Bonman, John
Boneman, Jacob
Cobat, Frederick
Coffman, Conrod    (Hatter)
Carleton, Benjamin     (Tailor)
Dimond, Patrick
Dunmozer, Peter
Dunmozer, Ludwick
Edward, Amos
Fox, Peter Sr.
Fox, George
Fox, Peter
Fox, John
Fight, Jacob
   Ditto    (B. Smith)
   Ditto    (Tavern)
Fulfont, William    (S. Maker)
Fye, Conrod
Goughenour, Daniel
Grosenigel, Daniel
Grosenigel, John Sr.
    Ditto (Tavern)
Gazem, John Jr.
Grey, Job
Goughenour, Jacob
Good, Abraham
Grey, William
Grey, John
Good, Jacob
Good, Christian
Goughenour, Peter
    Ditto    (Harkelmeter?)
Goughenour, Christian
Galbreath, Samuel    (S. Maker)
Gazem, John Sr.    (S. Maker)
Horner, John Sr.
Horner, John Jr.
   Ditto    (Gun Smith)
Horner, Jonas
    Ditto    (G. Mill)
    Ditto    (S. Mill)
Horner, Jacob
Hay, Daniel
Horner, Frederick
Horner, Christian
Horner, Adam
Helsil, Tobias
Huver, Catherine
Holliday, John
    Ditto    (2 Stills)
    Ditto    (G. Mill)
    Ditto    (S. Mill)
    Ditto for D. Anderson
Hildebran, George
Hildebran, James

Hildebran, Abraham
    Ditto    (Judge)
Hess, Peter
Kuntz, Michael
Korn, Frederick
Kutch, George Esq.
Kring, George
    Ditto    (Still)
Leer, Jacob
Linton, John
    Ditto    (Innkeeper)
McDermitt, Mary
McGough, Miles
McGough, James
Maggon, Peter
Mathews, Samuel
    Ditto    (2 Stills)
Meneely, John
    Ditto    (Weaver)
Paul, Abraham
Procter, Isaac
    Ditto for D. Anderson
Peck, Mathias    (Hatter)
Patton, David
Phillips, Jacob
Replogle, George
Rose, Adam
Raudebaugh, Henry
Ream, Garet
Reighart, Peter
Replogal, Philip
Roneen, John    (Joiner)
Roberts, Levi
Ream, Adam
Shew, Benjamin
Sutton, Richard
Stull, Jacob
    Ditto    (Still)
Stineman, Jacob
Stonder, John
Seigh, Daniel
Smith, Daniel
Stutsman, Jacob
Stouder, David
Stouder, William
Shoe, Benjamin
Shoe, Jacob
Sharer, Mary
Sleek, William
    Ditto    (Tanyard?)
Spencer, William
Walker, Joseph
Wimer, George
    Ditto    (Innkeeper)
Wisinger, Ludwick
Whetstone, Jacob
Warner, Nicholas
Wisinger, John
Willacy, Daniel
Willicy, Jacob
Willicy, Daniel Jr.
Yotter, David

Single Freemen
Eliezer Grey
William Mathews
Jacob Warner
Alexander Holliday
Marks Jeffries    (Millwright)
John Grosenigle
Peter Warner
William Gray
Michael Somel
Michael Kuntz
John Kuntz
Thomas Braniff
George Bowman
John Dill
John Paul
Daniel Wisenger
Stephen Leer

1811 Cambria Twp, Cambria, PA Tax Records

Adams, Joseph
Brawley, Dennis
Benson, Thomas J.
    Ditto for Morris Morris
    Ditto for Powells' Place
Brees, William
Burgoon, Robert
Campbell, Patrick    (Shoemaker)
Conner, James
Davis, Timothy
Davis, William
Davis, Daniel
Davis, David
Davis, Ann
Evans, John J.
Foreaire, William
Griffith, William
Gibbin, Daniel
George, Paul
Glass, George
Hurley, Jeremiah
Himbier, Christian    (Sawmill)
Habaucher, Conrod
Jones, William    (Weaver)
James, Thomas    (Tavern)
Jenkins, Roger
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Jeremiah
Jones, Debora
Keller, Peter
Lloyd, Rees Rev.
Lloyd, Stephen
Lloyd, John R.
Lloyd, Ann
Lewis, Richard    (S. Maker)
Miller, John    (Tailor)
M'Carty, Daniel
M'Carty, John
Mooney, Abraham    (Tavern)
Morgan, Rees    (S. Maker)
Meloy, James
Murray, John    (Tanner)
M'Guire, Michael    (Tavern)
M'Guire, James C.
Malone, Daniel    (Tavern)
Noon, Philipe    (Sheriff)
Owen, Thomas P.    (Carp't)
Philip, Thomas
Parrott, John    (Carp't)
Price, David
Price, William
Rees, Rees
Rager, Michael Sr.
Rager, Jacob    (Tavern)
Rager, Michael Jr.
Rodrick, Robert
Roberts, Hugh    (Tailor)
Roberts, George Esq.    (Judge)
Rowland, Elizabeth Esq.
Roland, Ellis
Roland, Griffith
Roberts, John
Roberts, William
Rosetier, Peter
Rees, Thomas
Rodgers, George
Reese, Ellinor
Summer, David
Thomas, William    (Smith)
Todd, David
Thomas, John    (Tavern)
Tiblot, William    (Mills)
Williams, William W.
Williams, William S.
Williams, William R.    (Tavern)
Williams, Thomas
Keepers, John    (Carp)
Yost, Jacob Sr.
Yost, Jacob Jr.

Single Freemen
William M'Carty
Jacob Hobarhrer
Jacob Yost Jr.

1811 Allegheny Twp, Cambria, PA Tax Records

This is a listing of the men taxable in Allegheny Twp, Cambria County, PA in 1811.  Where I wrote "Ditto", that is what is written on the actual document.  I did my  best with the spelling (the photos I took were a little blurry).  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Anderson, Andrew
     Ditto    (Innkeeper)
Adams, William
Anderson, Samuel
Burgoon, John Sr.
Byrns, John
Byrns, Thomas
Bender, Americus
Baxter, George
Bender, Jacob    (Gunsmith)
Bradly, Charles
Barnacle, Timothy
Braddock, Nicholas
Burgoon, Joseph
Behe, Emanuel
Behee, John   (2 stills)
Barlow, John
Baum, John
Brent, Joseph
Braddock, John
Carragan, Patrick
Cartweller, Andrew
Cantwell, Thomas    (Merchant)
Christy, Archibald
Conner, Henry
Carney, William
Curren, John
Carragan, Peter
Cooper, Philip
Cooper, Henry
    Ditto for Ed. V. James
Cherry, Jacob
Christy, John
Driskel, Charles
Durbin, Thomas B.
Deggs, Dudley
Douglass, John
Domier, Joseph
Delossire, Daniel, Sr.
Douglass, Barnabas
Dodson, William
Doherty, Peter
    Ditto for Landlord
Elder, Walter    (Grist and Sawmill)
Farrell, Cornelius
Fagan, Peter
Feltz, John
Gallitzin, Demetrius Aug.    (Gristmill)
Gibbons, William    (Merchant)
    Ditto    (Smith)
Glass, John    (Blacksmith)
Golsher, James
Golsher, Hugh    (Sawmill)
Hegan, John
Hely, Patrick
Krise, Henry
Kelly, Samuel
Kimmins, Henry
Krise, George
Koons, John
Kilpatrick, Archibald
Krise, George Jr.
Little, Barnabas
Losher, Henry
Luther, Conrod
Litzinger, Jacob
Long, William
M'Connell, Arthur    (Shoemaker)
Marks, John
Maguire, Russ
Meloy, Hugh

Maguire, James L.
Maguire, James C.
Mullen, Hugh
M'Closkey, Patrick
M'Closkey, James
Maguire, Richard
Mageehan, James    (Joiner)
Maguire, Rachel
Maguire, Luke Esq.
Murphy, Michael
Maguire, Cornelius
M'Mullen, Samuel
Moyers, John
Meloy, William
Maguire, Peter
M'Coy, Hugh
M'Coy, Patrick
Musselman, Daniel    (Millwright)
Nagle, Jacob
Nagle, Richard Sr.
Nelson, James
Nugent, Arthur
Nugent, Thomas
Nagle, Richard
Plunket, Patrick
Plott, John Sr.
Plott, John Jr.
Ryan, James    (Blacksmith)
Storm, John    (Gristmill, 1 still)
Sullivan, Eugene
Scanlan, John
Troxel, Jacob    (Potter)
Wagoner, Michael
Weakland, John
Weakland, William
Walter, Englebert    (B. Dyer)
White, Rachel
Will, Peter
Will, John
Watt, David
Warthan, Stanny
Woolhey, Daniel

Single Freemen
Valentine Crook
Joseph Mageehan
Richard Nagle
Dudley Diggs
John Burgoon
Richard Burgoon
Robert Mullen
Arthur Nugent
George Krise
Henry Krise
James Meloy
Christopher Kener
James Burgoon
Michael Mullen
Joseph Plott
John M'Connell
James Ryan
William Ryan

Dudley Diggs
Peter Burgoon

John Baum

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Adam Koontz and Mary (Edna) Diehl?

I've been trying to trace Adam and his wife again as of late and I am worried that there isn't any evidence his wife was a Diehl.  If anyone has evidence, please let me know.  I thought I did but since it's been a while since I looked at this family, I'm concerned that I don't remember nor do I seem to have what that is.

I also don't know why she's referred to as Mary/Edna.  In his will his wife's name is clearly Mary.

Thanks for any help clearing this up.  In the meantime I'll be posting about what I've found in Loudoun (some of which I already posted previously).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Posts

I have new posts up at two sites,

(1) Joshua Parrish

(2) Genealogy on Found Photos