Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Name Change in mid-1800s Canada?

This is a theory for which I currently have no proof.  If you see my last post on James Tate and his wife Ann Jane Tate though, I have been unable to find any hint or trace of them in Canada despite both their kids being born there in 1848/1850 and the fact that they did not immigrate until 1868 (as evidenced by their son's naturalization record).

Theoretically they should be in both the 1851 and 1861 census.  But, nothing.

I've even checked by first name on Ancestry, thinking maybe they changed their surname or perhaps it was so wrong, it just didn't show up.  Still no luck.

My other question is, why did they only have two children?  They weren't that old when their children were born (about 30 and 32).  Did they lose others?  Or is it possible their children were adopted?  Although I'm admittedly comparing this to my other lines which are all Catholic and had between 5 and lets say 16 kids.  But 5 was definitely the minimum.

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